This is where we discuss all your questions and concerns… all the if, how, why and when questions of the world of mosaic.


  • Cut all tiles into smaller pieces, folding upwards so that the paper does not tear off, or use a craft knife.
  • Keep to one shape when mosaicking.
  • Always place your tiles as close together as possible, filling in all gaps (minimum space for grouting).
  • When grouting the grout must be as thick as you can get it, less water is better (if done too thin then the grout will seep under the mosaics and make a water mark).
  • The special glass glue is only to be used when making your own tiles.
  • When making your own tiles (using the plain glass) the paper that you are sticking down must always be laser print photo copies and not ink jet.
  • If you want to use photographs, then always photocopy them onto plain paper first before sticking them onto glass.
  • Additional glue can be used when applying inserts and other tiles.

Cutting Mosaic by Lemaryn tiles are similar to cutting normal glass mosaic tiles, using a two-wheeled cutter, however if they do not cut through (and the paper doesn’t make a clean cut, then a craft knife could be used to cut the paper underneath.) Never tear the tiles by bending them backwards, if at all bend the tiles upwards, in doing this you’ll be preventing the paper tearing ugly underneath. If a perfect line is required, then a glass scorer may be used. Remember your scorer will only work if the front tip, (wheel) is moistened in paraffin / or similar liquid. Steady pressure must be applied to enable a ‘scratch’ on the glass. Don’t go back and forward repeatedly. This will totally damage your wheel. Snap glass at required place. Craft knife would come in handy to cut off paper at the back. Practice makes perfect!

For best results keep your tiles as close together as possible. Less spacing definitely creates a far more beautiful end product. Come on, let’s all agree on this, all tiles are more appealing than grout! Less is better, always. Please fill in all gaps.

Mix your grout to a thick, smooth consistency using as little water as possible. Smooth over (gloved fingers work well) covering everything. Use a SLIGHTLY DAMP cloth/sponge.

These are paper tiles and very little glue is needed, (please read the instructions carefully) your glue must be absolutely minimum and applied directly & smoothly onto your item. Additional glue can be applied to other tiles, inserts, or beads.