A do-it-yourself Mosaic Kit with easy to use instructions to create your very own Mosaic. A great way to personalise and create for yourself or as a gift. The extent to which your project can be personalised is endless. ENJOY!!


Kit includes:
* 1x Painted rectangular board with frame and Africa continent.
* 1x Packet of Tiles/Slim strips to mosaic the frame of the board.
* Craft Glue.
* Grout.

Not included:
* Tiles required for the Africa Continent.
(Please select your preference from our
Out-of-Africa Tile Pack Collection.
e.g Lion, Rhino, Big-5, etc.).
* Additional Inserts.
* Mosaic 2 wheel cutter or any tools

* You may use or add-on any other inserts to
truly personalise your project.