Possibilities of how you can beautify your world with mosaicking are simply endless. Your only limit is your own imagination…. Here are some examples of completed projects made by crafters who used our extensive collection of glass tiles, available in a vast range of colours, shapes and themes.

You are invited to please share your ideas and photos of your completed projects with the Mosaics by Lemaryn community, and tell us about your challenges, how you overcame them, and what special techniques and tricks you applied to make your creation unique and beautiful.

Please feel free to e-mail a photo of your project to elmarie@lemaryn.co.za and we’ll gladly post it on our blog for further discussion and inspiration.

In this space we want to learn from one another and inspire each other to make exquisite creations. None of us have all the answers and skills, but crafters love to learn from each other… so here’s your chance to learn and share…